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Don’t want to use metal braces to straighten your teeth? Talk to our dental professionals about ClearCorrect™! These aligners are easy to remove, clean, and are made of clear materials. This is great for cleaning them, eating foods, and regular brushing and flossing.

To get ClearCorrect™ aligners, you must first see your dentist to see if you qualify or if you need to go the route of traditional braces. If you qualify, your dentist will then send specifications of your mouth and teeth (scans, impressions, pictures, x-rays) to a ClearCorrect™ facility to be made.

These are custom-made to fit your teeth and apply pressure so your teeth can be correctly aligned. These need to be worn 22 hours per day, allowing two hours of brushing, cleaning, and eating time. A new aligner will be sent in every few weeks with new adjustments.

After your teeth have fully completed their alignment, then you may have a night retainer or permanent retainer installed to keep your teeth aligned forever. Give Morrison Dental Group a call at 804-261-4020 to meet with Dr. Robert Morrison and our professionals to find whether you qualify for a ClearCorrect™ alignment today!