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Have you recently lost a tooth or need one to be replaced? The first step to placing an artificial tooth (such as a dental bridge or crown) is installing a dental implant. Two of the American Dental Association approved implants are subperiosteal and endosteal. Here at Morrison Dental Group, we provide dental implants for your best smile.

A titanium post replaces the area where your tooth’s root used to be. This can either consist of a subperiosteal implant or an endosteal implant before you place the artificial tooth. Subperiosteal implants are made for those with a shallow jawbone to avoid reconstruction. A metal frame is used by placing it above or on the jawbone. Endosteal implants are in the form a small screw, plate, or cylinder directly placed into the bone. Both are secure after a period of healing takes place.

After the jawbone and gum healing process, your crown (needed for one tooth) or bridge (needed for multiple teeth) is installed. Keep healthy oral habits (brushing and flossing daily) to preserve these installations and a have healthier mouth.

A subperiosteal or endosteal implant can greatly improve your smile. Get information here at Morrison Dental Group by calling us at 804-261-4020. Our dental office located in Richmond, Virginia, wants to help give you the smile you need and want.