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Did your child just lose their first tooth? One of the first things they may experience when they are about to or just lost a tooth is some anxiety and excitement. The fun thing you can do for them is telling them about the tooth fairy! The tooth fairy is a mythical character popularized by The Tooth Fairy, a 1927 play by Esther Watkins Arnold.

Our dentist staff here in Richmond, Virginia, make your child’s dentist office visit more fun with the idea that getting a regular checkup gives them healthier, stronger teeth. This way, the tooth fairy is sure to visit when they have lost a healthy tooth. Encourage your child today to keep an at-home, healthy dental care schedule of brushing and flossing, so the tooth fairy will be sure to visit.

Before being popularized in the early 20th century, the idea of the tooth fairy was nonexistent. Baby teeth were more idealized towards good or bad luck. For example, Vikings wore necklaces of baby teeth for luck, protection, and the belief they would help conquer enemies.

Families would often throw teeth and pray for healthy, strong adult teeth to grow in. This included at the ground, into the air, towards the sun, onto the roof, or between the legs for luck. Others would bury them in the ground or throw them in a fire to get rid of bad spirits. Some would wear necklaces of baby teeth to ward off bad spirits or witches looking to steal some body part. Some cultures continue these traditions today.

Dr. Robert Morrison and his professional dental staff are prepared to provide a fun dental experience for your child. Call Morrison Dental Group here in Richmond, Virginia, at 804-261-4020 for their dental appointment today!