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Our dental team in our Richmond and Chamberlayne, VA, offices have designed your new dental crown from durable materials capable of mimicking the strength of natural tooth enamel. This often calls for using dental grade porcelain, gold, or base metal alloys that will prove invulnerable to the bacterial effects of tooth decay.

At the same time, your new dental crown will also need to play a role in your daily oral hygiene routine. If hardened tartar forms near the gum line, it could lead to periodontal health problems. In time this could cause your gums to pull back from the base of your teeth creating small pockets of infection near the root of the abutment that anchors your dental crown.

As this continues to happen, the natural bacteria in your mouth can start to gain direct access to the seam where your crown is dental cemented to the abutment. This could eventually cause it to come loose. Severe periodontal disease can eventually cause a loss of bone structure in your jaw. This could cause the root to fail or even lead to the total loss of the tooth.

To prevent these problems, our dental professionals recommend brushing your crown twice and flossing it once per day just like the rest of your natural teeth. When flossing be sure to work the strand into the gumline to clear away any stray food material and plaque before it can harden into tartar.

If the dental crown is restored your rear molar, be sure to floss the gumline behind it. This often neglected area can trap a significant amount of plaque and residual food particles. If you are in the Richmond, VA, and Chamberlayne, VA, areas and you have questions or oral hygiene concerns regarding your dental crown, you can call Morrison Dental Group at 804-261-4020 to consult with a staff member.