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Have you noticed that you have had a consistently dry mouth and a pungent odor attached to it? Our professionals here in Richmond, VA, and Chamberlayne, VA, will take you more in depth into how the amount of saliva we produce contributes to good or bad breath and some solutions that can help bring back the freshness.

Our saliva is our first defensive line against bacteria and other things that often contribute to bad breath. It keeps our mouth clean by washing out tiny particles of food. Saliva also works to neutralize acids that bacteria produce, which is a step in preventing cavities and bad breath. Saliva also carries some substances that help fight off diseases.

However, sometimes this saliva flow gets reduced, which can allow food and bacteria to remain. The food decays and the bacteria feed off it, producing acids as they go. This combination can create bad breath.

There are many causes for dry mouth. Some medications have dry mouth as a side effect. Sometimes, simple anxiety can reduce saliva flow. At other times, it could be simple dehydration.

To get your saliva flowing again, you might try these following suggestions. Drink water or sugarless drinks often when you are eating a meal.Try chewing on sugarless gum, candy, or foods like apples and carrots. These can help stimulate saliva flow.

Other options to consider are reducing or avoiding salty foods, acidic foods, caffeine, and alcohol you normally eat. Their reduction or absence might lead to more saliva flow.

If your dry mouth or bad breath persists or becomes worse, feel free to visit our dentist and professional team. You can find our dentists here at Morrison Dental Group in Richmond, VA, and Chamberlayne, VA. To schedule a visit, call 804-261-4020 today!