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We encourage you to take the time to care for the health of your smile by giving your teeth and gums daily oral care. Your floss routine is important to your smile, and we encourage you to find a flossing tool that meets your dental needs, especially with the help of your dentist team here in Richmond, VA, and Chamberlayne, VA.

Brushing your teeth with a toothbrush is not a substitute for flossing, and vice versa, as both should make up the foundation of your oral health. The tiny spaces between your teeth and under the gums can only be reached with a proper flossing tool, which is needed to clean away harmful substances such as plaque. With daily flossing, you can reduce your risk of gum inflammation and protect your smile from gum disease. The development of this gum infection can affect your smile be resulting in tooth and bone loss and causing you to develop chronic bad breath.

Our dentist can recommend alternative tools to dental floss if you find that the waxed floss string is hard to maneuver in your smile. Alternative options can include using a floss pick or water flosser, which is a special tool that cleans the tight spaces of your smile with a steady stream of water. The different attachments that come with a water flossing tool offer you a customized and comfortable flossing experience.

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