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Sensitive teeth are a serious concern for many people because it keeps them from enjoying their favorite drinks or treats throughout the day. Furthermore, it could also be a signal your smile is sending you that something is wrong and needs to be addressed. That is why, our dentist here in Richmond, VA, and Chamberlayne, VA, is happy to talk to you about tips for treating sensitive teeth.

The enamel around your teeth is a critical substance in your body that needs attention. Remember, when you brush your teeth, try not to clean too hard and choose soft-bristles for your toothbrush because you could be causing more harm to your sensitive teeth. Did you know, gum disease could be a cause of your sensitive teeth? When your gums are weak and pull away from your teeth, the root of your tooth could be visible causing you pain. So, remember to keep up with your oral hygiene and check in with your dentist for assistance overcoming gum disease.

Cavities, also known as tooth decay, are also an essential factor to watch out for if you have a sensitive teeth problem. If you have a cavity, it could be destroying the tooth enamel and reaching nerves of your tooth, which is why a semi-annual checkup is indispensable to overcoming your sensitive teeth. Other choices to consider is fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash with fluoride in it to help your teeth, dental crowns to protect your tooth, or desensitizing toothpaste to help reduce pain.

If you still have questions about your oral health or would like to understand what is causing your pain, please call us today at 804-261-4020 to set up an appointment. Our friendly team at Morrison Dental Group is happy to help you with your sensitive teeth and help you have a pain-free smile again here in Richmond, VA, and Chamberlayne, VA.