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Unhealthy foods play a significant role in negative oral health. In fact, the foods we eat can either help our oral health or hinder our oral health. That is why keeping healthy foods in our diet for our teeth is important. To understand the dangers of unhealthy foods, Morrison Dental Group in Richmond, VA, and Chamberlayne, VA,, has provided you with some intel on which foods are dangerous to your smile.

Here are some unhealthy foods that will cause unhealthy teeth:

– The ideal smile consists of avoiding unhealthy products that can weaken your tooth enamel, which includes products loaded with acids.
– Sour flavored foods and drinks have a very low pH level and thus a very high acidity level. Avoid these products whenever possible.
– Sugars are known risk factors for dental erosion due to the fact that plaque buildup in your mouth can convert them into harmful acids.
– Carbs are a known risk factor for dental erosion because much like sugar, they too can be converted into acids.
– To prevent tooth fracture, never bite into hard foods.
– To lower your risk of dental erosion and tooth decay, always clean out your mouth after eating.
– Avoid foods that can stick to your mouth for long periods of time, which includes foods that get wedged between teeth.

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