A Tooth Restored with a Dental Crown Still Needs Daily Care and Cleaning

Our dental team in our Richmond and Chamberlayne, VA, offices have designed your new dental crown from durable materials capable of mimicking the strength of natural tooth enamel. This often calls for using dental grade porcelain, gold, or base metal alloys that will prove invulnerable to the bacterial effects of tooth decay. At the same… Read more »

Tips on How to Properly Rinse Your Mouth

Did you know rinsing your mouth can do more than just freshen your breath? Well, it’s true. In fact, it can complete the smile-cleaning job and reach areas of your mouth your brush and floss could not clean. This is why it’s encouraged to rinse your mouth once a day as part of your oral… Read more »

Combat Gingivitis With These Tips

Gingivitis is a dangerous problem to have, especially because it is linked to gum disease. In fact, it’s the first stage of gum disease. It typically develops with symptoms of red and inflamed gums, bleeding gums, and consistent bad breath. It’s important to combat gingivitis as much as possible if you want a strong smile… Read more »

Dental Sealants Protect Against Harmful Bacteria

Though your tooth enamel is strong, dense, and durable, bacteria can burrow through the outside, creating cavities and tooth infections. It is important to establish and maintain daily flossing and brushing habits to prevent this kind of bacterial invasion, but there are other preventive measures you can take to. One protective treatment that our office,… Read more »

Stay Cavity-Free This Summer

Summer is a great time of year, and you don’t want to cast a shadow on it by getting a cavity! To help ensure a bright and healthy smile in Richmond VA, and Chamberlayne, VA, remember these 5 basics: Eat Balanced Meals: What you eat directly affects your mouth health. Eat a diet full of calcium… Read more »

Child Losing their Teeth? Comfort Them with the Tooth Fairy!

Did your child just lose their first tooth? One of the first things they may experience when they are about to or just lost a tooth is some anxiety and excitement. The fun thing you can do for them is telling them about the tooth fairy! The tooth fairy is a mythical character popularized by… Read more »

Dental Implant Needed? Talk to Your Dentist about Subperiosteal vs Endosteal Implants

Have you recently lost a tooth or need one to be replaced? The first step to placing an artificial tooth (such as a dental bridge or crown) is installing a dental implant. Two of the American Dental Association approved implants are subperiosteal and endosteal. Here at Morrison Dental Group, we provide dental implants for your… Read more »

Talk to Your Dentist About ClearCorrect™ Aligners

Don’t want to use metal braces to straighten your teeth? Talk to our dental professionals about ClearCorrect™! These aligners are easy to remove, clean, and are made of clear materials. This is great for cleaning them, eating foods, and regular brushing and flossing. To get ClearCorrect™ aligners, you must first see your dentist to see… Read more »

Upgrade Your Oral Health with Laser Dentistry

Have you considered the benefits that laser dentistry can provide? With the addition of lasers to the oral health field, your dental services can be done more precisely and effectively. Upgrade your oral health with laser dentistry. Here are just a few of the services that lasers can provide: – Cavities: If you have a… Read more »

Beat Cancer with Regular Oral Cancer Awareness Screenings

April is Oral Cancer awareness month and here at Morrison Dental Group, we are spreading awareness all month long. Did you know that with every six-month hygiene care appointment, you are screened for oral cancer? This is vital to your overall health as well as your smile because cancer which is detected early can often be… Read more »